Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Campus Outreach

Ben & Sandie Dyke serve as Campus Crusade for Christ in the Cleveland Metro area and in Northeast Ohio. We partner with them from Wooster Grace.

Pray for them as they share Christ with students. One encounter resulted in a new Christ-follower.

After an initial survey and follow-up, a staff member shared with a student how to know God personally. The student replied with this email (details removed for anonymity):

“I was thinking and pondering and I came up with something that you can pray for. I would like it if you would pray for me and my faith so that I can be 100% sure that heaven is my destination and that I can live my life the way God wants me too, because I have no clue what I am suppose to be doing or where he wants me. I am totally lost in my relationship and what little of one I have since I have started college. And that seems to be the least of my worries and it should not be that way. So where do I go from here? If you could let me know what you think, I would really appreciate it. I really appreciate all that you do for us and thanks for caring. Thanks once again for meeting with me.”

May God continue His work bringing one person at a time into a clear understanding of the commitment to follow Jesus. Way to go, Ben & Sandie!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Reaching the Campus

My good friend Annie is my spiritual heroine. She has a passion for Christ and her friends. She dedicates her life to shine for Jesus. Please stop and pray for her as she seeks to disciple students on the college campus with Intervarsity.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

African Christians Strategize to Fulfill the Great Commission

African Christians Strategize to Fulfill the Great Commission

Today we had the honor and the privilege to host Dr. Ngoumape from the Central African Republic. He is the Director of Leadership Training in the Central African Republic. He is responsible for the oversight of the Grace Brethren Seminary and four Bible Institutes, as well as various discipleship ministries. Currently visiting pastors and churches in the US, he shared opportunities for partnership in the task of training a new generation of leaders.

Dr. Ngoumape has a passion for the Church in the C.A.R. He wants strong, godly leadership. He knows there is a daunting task. With 2400 churches and only 900 trained pastors, the challenge is equipping new leaders right now.

I praise God for our church. We have been partnering with the Grace Brethren movement in the C.A.R. for over forty years. Now we get to be involved with the foundations for a new work of God among the emerging churches in the 21st century.

Please pray that we will use God's wisdom to discern how we can get involved. May God lead us to the best place where we can offer the greatest help for success and for the glory of God.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cambodia: Thai troops retreat from disputed border -

Cambodia: Thai troops retreat from disputed border -

Please pray for Kevin and Jill as well as Dave, Savorn, and Tutu as tensions rise along the Cambodian and Thailand border. May God keep the peace and keep our friends safe.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Illuminated World | A Contemporary Bible Publication

Illuminated World A Contemporary Bible Publication

Pastor Nick in the contemporary service preached a message about how the Church must reach the next generation.

I wonder if we may need to get people started reading "The Book." Then guide them to study the Bible as a textbook for discovering themselves and their need for God.

I made comments on my personal blog at regarding my thoughts on this unique, modern New Testament called, "The Book."