Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving in Cambodia

Steve and Deb Wise, our missionary partners in Cambodia share from their newsletter what they are thankful for:

Happy Thanksgiving week! Since Thanksgiving isn't a Khmer holiday we will work most of the week as usual. However, we do have plans to get together with some CAMA missionary friends on Thursday evening and have a meal, complete with turkey and everything! We hope you have plans to be with friends and family. It's hard to be so far away from our families this time of year; that's what we will be missing the most come Thursday. The thing we'll miss second-most is all the football on TV. Ah, the sacrifices. :-) In spite of that, we have a lot to be thankful for, and we'd like you to praise the Father with us: (taken from Wise Weekly Newsletter--to subscribe email them at stevendeb@mac.com

Being so far from home is a challenge for our fully devoted followers who seek to develop more fully devoted followers in all the nations of the world. So I've taken only one of several requests the Wise's shared for your consideration. Take a moment to offer thanks to God and to offer a prayer to God on behalf of the Steve and Deb.

Praise God for a year of relatively good health. We are grateful for the strength He gives us to do our work every day. That being said, pray for Steve who feels like he's coming down with a cold. Also please keep Steve's Aunt Betty in mind, as she has one more week of radiation therapy to go, and is feeling quite sick from it.

As you stay up late the eve of Thanksgiving, remember those in SE Asia who will greet the sunrise at midnight. Say a prayer for them! They are truly fully devoted followers of Christ.

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