Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Sowing Hope-Style

photo by futureshape

Sowing Hope celebrated Christmas in the downtown Wooster Recreation Center. Festive tables covered in green, holly decorated plates, cookies in yuletide tins, and a Christmas dinner with scalloped potatoes, green beans, and ham, together greeted our friends at the Towers.
With the help of the Wooster Grace choir and many volunteers, our church invited the residents around the towers with caroling. The night was frosted with icy roads and slippery walkways. Still our friends made their way across the street to the rec center.
Our program shared fun seasonal songs and reflective carols. Everyone sang with Pastor Randy and Allen Hodgdon. The choir and an ensemble sang for our friends to raucus applause. We even gave away gifts to those who were present: bibles, coloring stencils, stuffed animals, fragrant candles, an iron, and a mixer.
We had 84 people in attendance. Our senior pastor joined in our festivities. We served 81 people and provided another 43 meals, so we served 124 meals.
I got to meet Billy and Jessica, Eddie and Sabrina his daughter, Lisa and Kim. We ate together at the table.
One highlight occurred as we were preparing to close our program. A lady named Sandy from the Towers interrupted the closing with an impromptu thank you to our church, the volunteers, and the pastoral staff. She thanked the Sowing Hope team fr coming faithfully every Thursday this year to do crafts and to talk. She named those in attendance that she knew--Celeste Kern, Michelle Sorg, Mary Misner, and Connie Benchoff. We have many more who help out on this team.
It is one thing to serve faithfully and its another to receive a word of thanks. Praise God that we heard a word of gratitude in our faithful service. We direct these words of thanks to God, because He is the One who gave us hope so that we can sow hope in other people's lives. May the Lord continue to gain fame from our acts of kindness and friendship.

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