Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sowing Hope Christmas Celebration

photo by krisdecurtis

On Friday, December 12 at 6pm we are ministering to the families on the southside of Wooster. We are inviting them to a meal and a Christmas concert at the Wooster Community Center.

Please pray for God to speak through the lives of those who help serve food and who offer their voices and talents in music to direct people to consider the birth of Jesus, their Savior. May God bring all the logistics together to bring people to Himself.


Tony said...

Why not bus the people on the southside of Wooster to the northend to enjoy your new facility?

Daron said...

Thanks for your comment, Tony. We want our people to go into the community rather than bring people to us. It's been a challenge getting people to go. But we are seeing God move people out into our community.

Keith said...

I believe it will continue to be a challenge when so much emphasis is put on making them comfortable in the northend. If only all those dollars dedicated to a several millon dollar expansion were spent on reach out to the needs of the community. We all know Jesus didn't need such means to reach the people with Love.