Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections of what God did through us

photo by swamibu

~Each peron who is fully devoted to God is a diamond jewel~

At our recent staff meeting, we shared what we most appreciate about doing ministry at Wooster Grace. We desire to stay true to our mission: developing all people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ!
We launched our comments from the life of Hezekiah who was a fully devoted follower of Jesus. Hezekiah stated that he wanted to do what is right, good, and faithful (II Chronicles 31:20).

Therefore, the staff rehearsed many things God did in His church. I will share just a sample as we step into a new year.

One highlight for the year is creating consistent opportunities to reach out into the community. Second Saturdays was mentioned and its outreach through Sowing Hope. One person, Susan, is now attending the church regularly and desires to follow God. Praise to God's glorious grace!

photo by never cool in school
Another highlight is our volunteers. Without faithful people who give their time and sacrifice it for the sake of God's Kingdom, our church would be ineffective. Two guys were mentioned. One who dedicated his time off during his vacation to offer his expertise as an electrician to work on the parking lot lights is worthy of note. In addition, another man spent five hours acquiring a trailer to tow a car, using a blow torch, and helping another man in his time of need to move a vehicle. Both men did so willingly and offered to help some more if their services were needed in the future. Our God is an awesome God! His people are awesome in service.

That's what being fully devoted means. Act in service for others, not for yourself. Acts of service is one of the core values at Wooster Grace. What a great and mighty God we serve who moves in peoples' lives to bless others. Let's keep reaching out to others into 2009!


Tom said...

When will the church budget (not the time and sacrifice of the members) reflect that you really care about reaching out to the community.

Daron said...

Tom, I ask your forgiveness for not responding. I am returning to the ministry responsibilities and helping an ill child recover.

I wonder how can a church's budget reflect care to the community.

Tom said...

No problem,
You stated...."I wonder how can a church's budget reflect care to the community." I think the bigger and better question is -
How can it not?
How can the percentage of funds given to truly reach the community pale in comparison to those dedicated to building funds and church staff.
Churches are spending huge amounts of money on buildings that are basically status symbols and it's contrary to the teachings of Jesus. Churches are wasting so much money in catering to their image and attractiveness, while the basic needs of others go unmet.
We've got to ask ourselves some very serious questions as to whether or not certain religious leaders, in terms of raising money are pushing hot buttons in order to keep this going.

Linda said...

As I heard recently
"Fools Spend Whatever They Get!"

Linda said...

How many weeks have I read in the bulletin that a Single mom needs a reliable vehicle?
You'd think with all the wealth they display that there would be funds to meet this need, rather than ask the members to donate it.
Yet, they'll offer classes and messages telling us how to manage our resources????