Friday, June 13, 2008

Serving our community--Outreach value at work

In my short time here in Wooster, I have had the privilege of serving many people. But today at lunch I got the opportunity to say thanks to a group of people who truly need appreciation. The men and women of Wayne County Children's Services work hard to intervene and to protect children and promote families. The organization has been doing its service since 1882.

Big thanks to Sue Rumburg for her labors in preparing a great meal to cater to the Wayne County Children's Services staff. A great job to Jeana Harley and Juana Hernandez for facilitating the event. Regina Schwartz needs accolades for her work as liaison for serving those who serve the neglected, abused, and voiceless in our area.

I was pleased to be on the team with Pastor Bob Fetterhoff, Pastor Dave Lawson, Pastor Ivanildo Trindade, Jeana Harley, Juana Hernandez, Scott Simms, Beth Sorg, Elise Rabatin, Jacob Kern, and myself.

Our team served them lunch. We had cuts of meat, pre-sliced so that each person could make their own sandwich. We provided trays of assorted fruit and cheeses as well. We had two soups for them to choose from--vegetable beef and chicken noodle. We served iced tea and lemonade. Sue's homemade cookies were a definite hit as well as Scott's sno-cones.

I was proud watching our team interact with the staffers. We spread ourselves around the room with each of us sitting and talking at each of the tables. I enjoyed watching Elise and Jacob help people with their beverage and then offering to take the cookie trays around to offer goodies to the team. I appreciated how Juana, Jacob, and Elise helped serve drinks, Pastor DL and Beth served soup. I praised God for how overwhelmed the people felt. At one table, Rachel said out loud, "I really feel appreciated!"

Pastor Bob gave them a plaque with the verse; Isaiah 1:17, "Learn to do good, seek justice, defend the orphan, plead for the widow." Gloria, the stand-in for the director, was visibly taken aback with the presentation. She is a good leader because she deferred the accolade to those who work with her.

My other favorite recollection is the atmosphere. I guess, the best way to say it is that each person was in shock that someone would come and show them appreciation. They could not believe that people would come and serve them.

Overall, we honored God. We were His light. I can't help but recall the words of Jesus. "Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven (Matthew 5:16)." Together we shined our light and people felt God's warmth.

Way to go team!

I wonder what you thought or learned about this outreach event. Share your story in the comment section. I wonder how you perceived this event within our church's vision. How did what we do develop all people to become fully devoted followers of Christ?


Daron said...

From Jeana:
Hey Outreach Staff,

In light of a great day, I wanted to say a few words to you the Wayne County Children’s Services Way.

#49 & #50 today! #22 especially Ivanildo, the fly slayer. I must say #25 to the team. I am sure everyone at Children’s Services is saying #73 about us all. #5 all summer to you.
#49 team!


SPIES said...

I enjoyed talking to some of the staff, including Jessica, who won one of our door prizes and shared about her new seven month old baby girl. I told her that children are a gift from the Lord and she agreed. Pastor Ivanildo.

Jeana said...

I received an email from Regina. She said one of her co-workers asked her to come to her office after the luncheon. She was in tears as she shared how touched she was by our church's thoughtfulness. Praise God she felt His love today!

Bethany said...

It was a great day and I could really tell how in awe the workers were that we would do something like this for them. One worker said that it was the first time anyone had done anything like this for them, ever. I think we need to do things like this alot more often. It really touches people in a real way and gets their attention.