Friday, June 20, 2008

Thanks from the Neighborhood

Jeana forwarded email messages received by our contact at the Wayne County Children's Services describing their feelings toward being recognized for their hard work and oftentimes thankless labor.

One person said, "Can we start a thank you card around for those to sign that attended the lunch? I have thank you cards in my office if we need one. The lunch was unbelievably wonderful!"

Another worker mentioned to our contact in regards to door prize sign-ups, "WOW!!! How awesome is that! I was meaning to email you back yesterday & tell you how kind and generous that is of Grace Brethren to show support to the "unsung heros". It is really heartwarming to know that someone out there in the community recognizes the importance of the work done here. And KUDOS to you for getting this all organized!! So, "You ROCK!!!"
thanks again!!!!

Lastly another worker shared, "I just wanted to thank Grace for the AWESOME treats... That was so nice."

Way to go, team!

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Daron said...

Thanks for your input, Pastor Ivanildo.