Friday, June 13, 2008

To Prague and Back Again

Linda Kline and I talked this morning about her visit with the Swain's. She is part of the Global Task Force. But one thing that I did not know about Linda is she dedicated her life to be available for being on-mission for God over forty years ago. As a senior in high school she went forward at district camp to dedicate her life saying to the Lord, "I am available."

She shadowed the Swain's this trip, especially Cindy. In fact, on her arrival into Prague she was escorted right into an English class at the Academic Language Center.

She has a great interest and passion for the people she has met over the years on her trips to visit the missionaries. She used all means of transportation; from airplane, to bus, metro, trolley, walk, train, even bike.

I marvel at her stamina. On a day of fasting the heat was up into the 80's and she helped distribute invitations for the Jesus video for two hours, late that evening. "My feet were tired and ready for a rest," she related to me. I encouraged her that she cut George's flyer outreach time in half with her presence and her help.

She got to visit a few of the students the Swain's are working with in their homes. She rode the metro, walked to the homes, and visited with the families. I can learn much from Linda's passion to remember people; their names, their life situation, and how to pray for them.

In fact, she prepared gifts for her Czech friends. With the help of her sister, she prepared 18 rice bags. These are used by heating the bags in the microwave, the rice heats up, and acts as a soothing heat source for your neck muscles or wherever heat may soothe your soreness. She laughed as she said, "Cindy and I went to the store and bought six kilos of rice (20 lbs. of rice) to finish the gifts for her friends.

She shared how in Prague, you are allowed to put things in mailboxes. Here in the U.S. its a against the law to do that. George has distributed over 500,000 flyers. He has canvassed the whole city one time and concentrates his energies in targeted parts of the city.

Linda also shared how George is also using texting and youtube (George has recorded, edited, and posted various videos)to create and maintain contacts. Check out the link above and browse through the various videos he has posted. Some are short clips of football highlights, an infomercial for the Language Center, and one where George shares Christ (posted on June 7).

Prayer requests for the Swain's:
  • Ask God to give strength, discernment, and wisdom as George acts as interim director of the Academic Language Center (Campuse Crusade missionary, Terry Brown is returning to the states for six months support discovery).

  • Ask God to give them on-going perseverance in spite of hate mail as they "stuff mailboxes" with their invitation to receive a free copy of the Jesus video.

  • Praise God for the many contacts but ask God to help George and Cindy establish these contacts into new disciples and growing disciples so that a growing and strong church can emerge in Prague.

  • Praise God for a family vacation in July. George hopes to come to Wooster on Thu July 10. They are returning to also visit their first grandchild, born here in the states recently.

I trust this gives you a quick update on one of our many short-term trips. I have asked Linda to share at our Global Task Force meeting on June 22 with the focus of delineating how her trip revealed the development of fully devoted followers of Jesus in Prague.

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