Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grace in the Neighborhood--Iraq

photo of those typically needing medical help by james gordon

Thanks to Dan Green who provided this news update from the Iraqi clinic ministry. Please continue to pray for protection and safety of the clinic staff and patients that come for help.

Recently two bombs exploded in the neighborhood close to the clinic but thankfully no one was injured (similar news reports here). Patients still look for help at the clinic with over 290 coming in July.

One woman has requested a picture of Jesus and declared that she loved Him. Pray that her love would be in understanding what Jesus has done for her in taking away her sin and that she would have a true relationship with Him.

  • Pray for continued safety for staff and patients.
  • Pray for the woman who wanted a picture of Jesus, that she would truly know Him.
  • Pray for proper documents to be granted for the clinic to register with the government.
  • Praise the Lord that no one was injured in recent bombings.

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