Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kern & Brazilians "represent" at 300th Anniversary

photo by will palmer

Wooster Grace is well represented at the 300th Anniversary of the Brethren movement. If you are intrigued about the deep roots of the Grace Brethren, then visit the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches blog this coming week to read about what is occurring in Schwarzenau, Germany (the birthplace of the Brethren Movement).

The FGBC selected our Pastor Steve Kern as a U.S. delegate for this historic gathering. Wooster Grace has helped partner with GBIM to assist two Brazilian delegates to attend the festivities in Germany. But please pray for all the 16 delegates to acquire visas to enter Germany. GBIM sees this as a educational experience where our international leaders get to visit the roots of the Grace Brethren movement.

Three good BMH books for your library regarding Grace Brethren history are:
  1. Finding our Focus by Dr. David Plaster (BMH Books, Winona Lake, IN: 2003).

  2. Our Heritage: Brethren Beliefs & Practices by Dr. Harold Etling (BMH Books, Winona Lake, IN: 1981).

  3. Restoring the Household of Faith by Dr. Todd Scoles (BMH Books, Winona Lake, IN: 2008) to be released soon!

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