Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pray for the students

photo by foxtongue

As the school year begins this week and next week. Please remember to pray for those missionaries and ministries with outreach to campuses:

  • Annie Michaels: InterVarsity--COW

  • Ben & Sandy Dyke: Campus Crusade--NE Ohio (Wayne College, ATI, & others)

  • Roxanne Weaver: Student Venture--Tallawanda HS; Oxford, Ohio

  • Linda Kline: Bible Release Time Classes--North Central S.D.

  • Wooster Christian School

  • Jonathan Herron: Catalyst--Kent, OH

  • George & Cindy Swain: Prague, Czech Republic

  • Kevin & Jill Kane: Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Ask God to give them strength to launch Fall ministries, wisdom on where to concentrate their energies, and courage to pace themselves for the long-haul.

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