Friday, August 1, 2008

Our people sponsor every children for School BackPack Project

photo by bryankemp

Praise God for our people sponsoring all the children who need a back-to-school backpack. Every one of the seventy children sponsored will receive the following items, including, but not limited to: pencils, markers, binder, durable backpack. The Sowing Hope Kids are the ones we sponsor

Please pray for the Backpack Project.

  • Ask God to arrange the schedules of both families to deliver and to receive backpacks between August 11 and 16.

  • Pray for our Wooster Grace families as they verbalize why we do this: to demonstrate God's love to the family--"all people matter to God and each person matters to us."

  • Petition God to empower our Wooster Grace families to make a personal contact with each child, asking to read a brief Bible passage (like Matthew 19:13-15 where Jesus prays for and blesses the children) and to pray for the child and family.

  • Plead for God to open up opportunities to share the Gospel with the children and their families

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