Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pray for China

photo by katherina

I did not watch the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, but I heard about it. On Saturday morning, the people in the restuarant were talking about it. In fact, one person said that it was the greatest she's ever seen--she has been watching since 1968.

I could not help but feel left out. But then I realized that I cannot be mesmerized by the stories of acrobats, moving type, giant firework footprints, the masse of humanity performing, or the pagentry. I need to pray.

Photo from Dr. Ray Pritchard

A sobering second look at China for prayer is needed. The underground church needs our prayers. One group has put together a 31-day prayer guide for your use. Wooster Grace has provided Olympic wristband prayer reminders for those who want to participate. You need to pray.

Pray for house church leaders as they seek to reach out within China. Ask God to give them significant impact in spite of government opposition and persecution when trying to help with the ongoing Sichuan earthquake relief efforts. Plead for God to provide protection from the Chinese government who is hostile towards Christ-followers disallowing any charity work by Christians.

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