Saturday, July 5, 2008

After the Fireworks went out

photo by sassy gardener

As the night crept in, I left the field in Wooster where we set up to serve our community. We served 900 drinks. We connected with numerous people. We mobilized many Christ-followers who came to serve God through setting up, through prayer, through pulling a wagon loaded with an ice chest filled with ice and cold beverages. We sent them out two-by-two or as families. We offered the cold beverages for free.

One of our fully-devoted followers of Christ shared with me how one man tried to give them a donation. They politely refused sharing that we do this so that we can share God's love in a real way.

We also moved children through two inflatable bouncy games. There were so many children--you couldn't count how many times they jumped. Their happy faces as they jumped were only countered by the sad faces as they left the line to go with their families to find a place to watch the imminent fireworks.

photo by navets

One of our fully-devoted followers of Christ shared how parents, grandparents, and older siblings reacted when they found out its free. Amazement! In fact, one of God's servants, informed each parent that all the child needed to say was, "May I please jump in your game." The answer was always a welcoming, "yes!"

I hope to post some pictures from Pastor Ivanildo's camera to add to the spectacle but also to add to the stories from Wooster Fireworks Outreach.

One more story. Rob Miller and I went to Wendy's to inquire about putting ice in our ice chests for our outreach to the community. And the manager graciously approved. I want to thank Wendy's for their help in offering cold drinks to our community. I'll have to compose a note and drop a note of thanks in the mail on Sunday.

I also want to remember to retain suggestions of some parents to provide glow sticks, coffee (after 8pm), signs that advertise Free Cold Drinks, and a banner that identifies our tent--as The Tent.

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