Wednesday, July 9, 2008

School Backpack Project 2008

photo by georgeogoodman

This school year we are striving to help children in under-resourced families in our community by getting each child a new backpack stocked and filled with school supplies. Juana Hernandez is spearheading the endeavor again this August.

If someone would like to participate, she outlines the way to help out by giving four tips to serve a child in our community.

  1. The main steps to follow

  2. How to sign up to sponsor a child

  3. What to do and to say when contacting the family

  4. When to deliver the backpack and what to do and to say

With Janet Beaver's help, Juana has printed a brochure which details what you need to do. It is an insert in the Sunday programs. Since Juana is out of the office the next two weeks, then you can direct any questions to Silviana (ext. 246).

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