Thursday, July 10, 2008

Three homes conduct NBCs in our community

stockphoto by melb.

One in the morning, Two at night.

No, it's not a prescription from your doctor. It's when this week's NBC are being conducted. Linda Kline shared with me that there is one in Wooster (Kline home) this week, during the mornings, another in Ashland (Karcher home) in the evening, and the last one in Dalton (McCune home) in the evening.

As these clubs come to an end tomorrow, please pray for one or all of these requests that Linda included in her memo to me.

Ask God...
  • to give host families, teachers, and helpers wisdom to budget their time

  • to bring children who will be excited and bring their friends

  • to give clarity to the teachers as the Gospel is shared and children come to Christ

  • to have memorable fun

  • to have safety and good weather

  • to help in the follow-up of those children and adults who make decisions for Christ

  • to provide a foothold in neighborhoods where God can make Himself known in and through our church families in each community.
Kara McCune told me that her biggest request for the next two nights are to give us wisdom as we try to redirect the children's energy before the Gospel Lesson. Her kids love the Scripture songs. In fact, the day care provider inquired of the parents--what is going on at your house? Your kids sing this Bible verse song over and over again. The parents informed the day care center that their children attend an NBC.

Praise God for His word in song (Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16)! As I reflect on what God is doing, I realize that this local outreach touches on one of our values at Wooster Grace--Relevance of the Word of God. May God bring new people to Christ as we've entrusted our people with God's Word to teach it to the world (Titus 1:3).

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