Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Four14 Road Trip WV2008

Four14 Road Trip--Webster Springs, WV

Heidi Biehler shares what happened in her own words.

"We stayed at Mountain Marketplace Mission (MMM) in Webster Springs, West Virginia. The people who run the mission (and started it) are Rev. Gary and Lily Melton. Here’s a brief description of what we did: Friday- We arrived early in the morning (2 am) and unpacked. In the morning, after breakfast, we had devotion time, and then worked outside on projects all day long. We did those projects in groups of 2-4. It was really neat to see everyone working together so well. We were able to accomplish so much together. We definitely couldn’t have done as much if we had tried to accomplish things individually.Saturday- After breakfast we had devotion time again. We unpacked food from a semi’s trailer and loaded it into the mission’s warehouse. Then, we loaded the semi’s trailer with boxes of clothes and took them to another mission that was 2 hours away in Clarksburg (along with taking the bus). There, we unloaded the clothes and loaded the bus’s trailer with an organ and food to take back to MMM. It was neat to experience these two missions working together and sharing resources. Sunday- RAD preached a sermon on unselfishness, and then we packed up and left. We drove to Seneca Rocks, and climbed a mountain. After that we drove home.

This was a great trip. The team experienced a cross-cultural environment. You can read more here about the Appalachian culture.

Unloading food from the semi- we stacked it all in a food warehouse of the mission. They distribute bags of food every week

loading boxes (and boxes, and boxes, and boxes and…you get the idea) of clothes onto the semi to take to another mission

loading an organ into the trailer to take to the mission we stayed at…also loaded those boxes of food into the trailer

Andy, Angie, and Rachel weeding the garden and planting flowers for 6 hours

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