Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our friends arrive in Porto where the journey begins

In her own words, please read an update from Heidi about the Four14 missions team as they prepare to begin the spiritual journey walking the St. James Way.

Good afternoon! I spoke with RAD earlier this afternoon on the phone. What a cool experience it was! (if you’ve never talked to someone in another country, I recommend it!)

photo by gaetan lee

Here’s a little update:

It took longer to get to Portugal than expected, due to a flight delay here in the states. Because of this, their luggage was behind schedule, and they got it this morning. They have had a lot of team time together the past couple days. Last night they had a “big dinner” (RAD’s words) with the Hawkins. Then today was beach day…lots of swimming! Tonight they are eating dinner with the Hawkins & Plasters, and are meeting people from the International Church. RAD said they have a nice place to stay, and that the team is connecting well with each other. As a team, they are reading a book by Louie Giglio, which they started today. Tomorrow they leave for the hike, by catching a train ride to the beginning location. Then on Thursday, they begin the hike! While they are in Portugal they are 5 hours ahead of us, and once in Spain, they are 6 hours ahead.

The InfoLine has been updated, too. J (ext. 723 or RAD)


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