Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Children are coming to Christ

photo by Kara McCune

Linda Kline provided me a written report with the following facts:

So far two children have prayed to receive Christ!
  • 6 clubs conducted in West Salem, Wooster, Dalton, & Ashland with 86 total children attending

  • 5 clubs are being conducted next week (July 21-25) in Creston and Wooster (one in Scottish Highlands)

2 are scheduled for August in Wooster

Over twenty helpers, hosts, and teachers have minstered so far.

The Scottish Highlands group urgently needs one more helper, according to Linda Kline. If you know someone who could help, then please call Linda at 330-262-6787.

Linda shares how to pray for next week's clubs:
  1. Pray for good contacts and canvasing as host families and neighbors hand out invitations

  2. Pray for teacher and hostess' as they plan to utilize one another's spiritual gifts to minister as a team
  3. Pray for thorough preparation and flexible organization.
The Host Homes next week are:

  • Linda Vandergrift 3467 Heyl Road (9:30am)
  • Fay Graham 207 Evergreen Drive, Creston (6:30pm)
  • Scottish Highlands Wooster (6:30pm)
  • Teri Lottes 1550 Christmas Run (1:00pm)
  • Christy Durham 6761 Weilersville Rd (evenings)

photo by hoyasmegan

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