Tuesday, July 15, 2008

San Fran Witnesses Go Homeless

photo by Mark Coggins

Kim sent a link to the blog that is updating what is going on as Pastor Nick has time to write and to upload pictures. View page here. Please say a prayer for them re: pray for courage and safety in trusting God.

On Sunday our team joined for worship the First Baptist Church of San Francisco. The FBC also conduct a ministry called InnerChange where they seek to connect with the homeless and disenfranchised as well.

Pastor Nick shared how the Tenderloin district got it's name. You can read the answer here and get a snapshot of what area that our team is ministering in. In fact David Karner shared that it may be a place to avoid. But i praise God for our youth leaders and their commitment to provide safety and a great discipleship experience in the lives of students.

Youth With A Mission has a discipleship training center in the Tenderloin district. Our team is partnering with them as they create memorable and life-shaping ministry opportunities for them in San Fran. I love the idea of packing two lunches--one for you and another for someone else!

Pastor Nick mentions the Haight-Asbury district, or Hippie Hill where they conducted a "bucket brigade (see the July 14 post)." I wonder if we could add that concept to our Second Saturday ministry opportunities. I wonder what you think.

Photo of street mural in Haight by jay galvin

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Nick said...

thanks for posting on the San Fran team. Let me tell you that the Tenderloin district is as rough as they say and by night...wow! 3 nights we were on the streets including Turk (see the review) and safety isn't what we felt. But fear and growth go together like mac & cheese.

The Bucket Bragade is a GREAT idea for an addition to 2nd Saturday...it was so powerful in the lives of a leaders of a battered women's shelter that my group cleaned...right on Turk street!