Friday, July 25, 2008

Four14 needs prayer

photo by jule berlin

Day Two of the St. James Way continues. Please pray for the team as they trek. Heidi Biehler updated us at Four14 last night.

RAD asked us to pray for strength and stamina. The first leg of the journey took longer than expected but all made it pretty well.

Ask God to bring relief to Steven Starkey who is ill. Ask God to give His strength to Andy and Keith as well.

Pray that the team is not discouraged. They haven't seen too many people along the way to begin conversations yet. May God bring divine appointments.

God has provided good weather and the team is growing in the Lord. The team is reading Louie Giglio's book, "I am NOT but i know I AM." RAD loves the book. If you'd like to read along with them here is a scheduled.

7.25 Became
7.26 Big River
7.27 The Little Leader
7.28 Be Still
7.29 Furious Rest
7.30 Embracing Smallness
7.31 You can trust Him

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