Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sowing Hope at Perkins

Volunteers Getting Ready

The Grill-azzs in the Mist

Sowing Hope ministered to the Perkins Apartment Complex in South Wooster with a summer barbeque. We invited the people of the apartments to enjoy hot dogs, hamburgers, and neighborly conversations.

Our volunteers did an incredible job. They helped get the food, put up the tent, take down the tent, grill the food, serve the food, and interact with the people. We shared God's love in a real way to everyone who could attend. Even those who did not venture out, definitely saw the crowd, smelled the food grillin', and heard the din of conversation.

Elise Rabatin, one of our Sowing Hope Interns, said that she met new children. Jacob Kern, the other Sowing Hope Intern, related that he met these kids last year, but had not got a chance to visit with them. Our other volunteers engaged in conversations with the adults and served them for a nice Monday evening grill in the neighborhood.

Two great highlights was the caricature artist and sno-cones. The line was dozens deep all night. He did an excellent job. He was invited and created pictures for free. What can you say about sno-cones!

But the greatest value is reaching out to others with the love of Jesus. We desire for everyone in our church to be on-mission for God! We pray that each person, each family will seek opportunities to redemptively relate to people in our community. Wow! What a great outreach! God's people are doing it again! I will post pictures later of the Towers barbeque when I get 'em.

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